Launching future leaders into their calling through intentional discipleship and missions.

Urban Life is a 3 month internship program for young adults ages 18-27 who have a heart to serve both locally and globally. Our purpose is to engage a generation in a pursuit that is greater than themselves, while developing dreams, hopes and ideas into realities.

Urban Life is designed to be the hands and feet of Jesus to this broken world, all the while developing and refining the call the Lord has placed on ones life. As culture tries to gradually redefine our faith, we hope the Lord uses us to transform a mindset among young adults that the pursuit of the “American dream” can bring true satisfaction and wholeness. We believe that as God’s children our purpose is to glorify Him through our lives…but what does that even mean?

Our approach:

Many choose to either focus on the front end of a mission trip to make sure the participant is as well equipped and trained as possible, or on the trip itself to make sure it is an exceptional experience once you reach your destination. After participating in many trips and spending a significant amount of time overseas, the City Directors for Urban Life wanted to focus on what happens after the participant gets back.

It’s wonderful to serve in various capacities but the biggest question to be asked is, “so what?” What does it change in your life when you return back to “normal” and face all the distractions of home. How do you transition back into “regular life” in a way that supports and encourages the work the Lord has done in your life rather than suppress and discourage it?

“A missions experience is an incredibly earth shattering event in the lives of most Christians, and our goal is to transition that experience into a lifestyle.” 

- Michelle McNeill

How do we do it?

During the three months, interns can expect to grow in numerous ways but these are the things we are intentional about…

International experience, Serving in the inner city, Prayer, Worship, Family Time, Book Studies, One on one’s, Learning from Community leaders, Engaging our community, Adventure, & Discipline