WEEK ONE: I’m Watching


This week I thought I would post a quick story of how God used me, even when I thought I was useless. Yesterday, thursday, I got to volunteer at an organization called One7. This organization is great and works with children through sports and recreation, while sharing bible time and worship in a fun environment. I loved being able to see the happiness in the kids faces as other volunteers played soccer, jumped on the trampoline, or painted with the kids. I was led over to the trampoline area and began watching some of the volunteers jump with the kids. Sadly, I already knew that I couldn’t jump because I had been feeling sick all day, after many kids asking for me to jump with them I stepped back near a gate and just began to feel defeated. I began thinking about how many children I could meet if I were jumping like the other volunteers, and felt useless. What could I do if I couldn’t even jump with them? How would I even talk to them?
Just as I was feeling my lowest a girl looked over at me from where she was jumping on the trampoline and asked me why I wasn’t getting on. I explained to her I was feeling sick, but instead of jumping away she stayed with me. She started to jump and do tricks asking if I would watch. Every time she would do a trick she’d turn around to make sure I was keeping my eyes on her. That’s when God told me… This is why your here. Just for this little girl. Just so she can feel loved and like someone is really caring about what she is doing. She just wants to be watched. She just wants to be high fived and encouraged. God really changed my heart towards things and showed me that even in my weakness he could use it for his kingdom. And he could give a child what they needed most. Someone to be there for them.

Thank you for reading and keeping up with my journey, and for all the prayer and support.


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    Rosa says

    What a beautiful thing God is doing in and through you Meg! Your post is a perfect reminder for me about how truly different the Lord helps us to see His world and the true value He gives to each of us. It seems I can still fall into seeing myself as being useless all too easily. This reminds me that when we see others as more important than ourselves and with simplicity of heart just make ourselves available if only with a smile and a word of encouragement it can make a world of difference to that precious one who is so loved by Jesus! Thank you for sharing the blessing Meg!

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