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Urban Life Weekly Recap

I am just now sitting down at my computer, thinking back to this week. For all of you who follow both Emma and me here on tumblr; you have already probably read Emma’s wonderful blog post about Walk in her shoes, so instead of “dittoing” all of that I thought I would write about another thing that we experienced this week. That thing is called “Drop off”. Now for everyone thinking what in the world is drop-off I will assure you that Emma and I were thinking the same thing when we first saw it written on our calendars… What in the world is a drop off??? Who else will be at this drop off? And why in the world are we being dropped off somewhere???

First thought that came to my brain was… Google it. So I did. Just so happens typing {drop off} into the google search bar doesn’t get you very far. Emma and I began asking Michelle, Garret, and Katie what it meant, where were we going, what time, what should be bring.. yatta yatta.

Since it just seemed to amuse them to keep it a secret; they started to tell us only very brief details. For example: “You can bring a pillow if you want your own.” or “You can bring pajamas, but last year none of us could sleep.” or “Yea, You can bring some water I doubt they will ever give you any.”

So honestly by this point my brain was scrambling to figure this big puzzle out, which brought me to the “guessed conclusion” that we were either going to jail or being dropped of at a womens shelter. Lets just say I was scared out of my life, and when they said to pack an over night bag Emma and I packed everything imaginable including filled water bottles, snacks, and pepper spray.

We then went to a volunteer dinner to learn more about a program we were helping with, and then headed up to a housing unit to babysit children until 8pm (8 was the time we’d leave and get “dropped off” wherever that may be). As we stood in the small hallway to the unit I looked down at the walls, which were covered with Dr. Suess paintings things started to come together. I took and signed a piece of paper a women handed me, and suddenly I knew exactly what was happening.

I looked over at Michelle my eyes wide, suddenly the room got hot (most likely because I had a winter jacket on, I guess I was overly prepared for any weather that might come during drop off). Like I said i started to take the jacket off, because the fact that this was “DROP OFF” finally hit me. We were going to stay over night as {security} for a transitional housing unit.

Lets just say, My first reaction in my head was “Emma and I are both about 5 foot tall and probably didn’t look like security material” None the less, Emma and I were left and had to secure the place. Which really after I tell this story wasn’t even that bad! I just wanted to make it seem extreme. Besides the fact that the place was pretty cold, the beds had protective sheet coverings that made alot of noise, and emma had already started saying she didn’t feel good it was actually a really cool eye opening experience. I got to see what it was like for women and children who have to live in transitional housing. The children were adorable and loved playing outside on the playground, and I loved being able to just have a glimpse into someone else’s life. It really sunk in how blessed I was with such a great family, a home, and food always on the table.

And that’s my urban life weekly recap this week. Thank you for all who are praying and supporting me during this journey. Your prayers mean the world to me. Here is a little glimpse of the room me and Emma got to stay in. NOT SO BAD!!!! even looks like any college campus right????photo

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