WEEK ONE: I’m Watching

This week I thought I would post a quick story of how God used me, even when I thought I was useless. Yesterday, thursday, I got to volunteer at an organization called One7. This organization is great and works with children through sports and recreation, while sharing bible time and

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Be A C C O U N T A B L E

Fasting is an interesting thing. For everyone it’s different. What they fast, the reasons they are fasting, for how long, to what purpose and how it affects you in the end. Different. Well I am coming to the end of a fast, a very long fast. For almost a year

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After All

This semester Urban Life is kicking off a new initiative – Mentoring Mondays. We decided that each of us would select one kid from the neighborhood to bring back to our place and invest in their lives each Monday after school. As their mentor, we will be coming alongside them

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Maybe it’s Simple

We wake up. To a new morning with new mercies and the sun shining warm even in December. We set out in tank tops and t-shirts to do the work we are called to today on the West Side of Charlotte,NC. We count ourselves as blessed. Lord, thank you for

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Fulfillment at Fall Festival

Urban Life hosted our 5th block party today in our neighborhood of Wesley Heights- and it was a smash hit! We welcomed countless neighbors, mentees from our outreach partner Ashley Park Elementary/Middle School, and volunteers from Elevation Church and The Movement Foundation to come together and enjoy community at our

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June 14, 2012 – Life as an Urbanite

Life as an Urbanite gives everyone involved really cool opportunities. For the past month, I have been working with an initiative in West Charlotte called Project 658 (find out more at project658.com).  It is a program run by God-fearing individuals, who have a heart for refugees living in Charlotte. Currently,

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