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My weekly Recap

FC022-Ivory_Eternity_1024x1024This week was busy, fun, and tiring. Most of it was filled with laughter while assisting a 1st grade class, jumping on trampolines with kids from One7, organizing, and having feedback time at family dinner. I got the opportunity to work with so many different organizations and different people it was a great week to say the least.
I also got the opportunity to start volunteering at Fashion and Compassion, a non-profit that works for the empowerment of marginalized and oppressed women (locally and internationally) by selling jewelry handmade by the women. It was awesome to be able to use my artistic side the Lord has blessed me with to help women. I loved the ability to use my hands, but also slowly start making relationships with the women I worked with. I got to meet some wonderful ladies in the process of volunteering 3 days this week and I plan to volunteer a lot more with them. Their work is beautiful and I definitely admire the women and their creations so much more now after this experience.
Here is a picture of one of their pieces, please go check out their site it’s filled with loveliness.

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