“Support wasn’t coming in, and it was down to the last week before I would have to leave Urban Life if I didn’t raise some money. My faith and trust in God was truly being tested. After some serious conversation and prayer I decided to just give it to God and enjoy any time He allowed me to have in Urban Life. The day after I made that decision I was blessed with an anonymous check that fully covered what I needed for the entire year! I have never felt God’s provision and love for me more fully than in that moment” ¬†- Rachel Riley


You never know the impact your donations, whether small or large, could have on our interns or the community.


There is more than one way to donate and support Urban Life. Community events such as block parties and our tutoring program require volunteers, school supplies and food items.

Please consider supporting one of our Urban Missionaries as they have to raise $5,000 for the semester. Please note who you are supporting or if you are just donating to the Urban Life movement.