Taste and See

Have you ever experienced something that you can’t explain?  One of those things that “you just had to be there” to understand?  I have. Often people will ask me the question, “So what is a normal day at Urban Life like?”  This question always makes me laugh because ten months

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Urban Life Tour video

2xSalt: A Year in Review

The last week of the year, I commissioned my kids to make a tour video of 2xSalt, and talk about what the Planetshakers (our mentoring program) meant to them.  I filmed the tour, and edited it, but it was completely scripted by my kids.  We would love for you to

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Lets Get Raw.

Do you ever feel like the biggest hypocrite? And I don’t mean you tell people not to steal while secretly you’re a thief who steals candy bars from the gas station. But, do you ever feel like you’re always trying to motivate everyone to be positive, have hope, love Jesus

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It’s finally 4 o’clock and my shift at work is over and it may have been the longest shift of my whole life. I’m still exhausted from lack of sleep that I haven’t caught up on since coming home from serving in Oklahoma with Elevation Outreach as I clock out

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Oklahoma Strong!

Hope is Rising

Intense. Overwhelming. Hard to understand. Strong. Unified. Victorious. Hope that is rising. Love that never fails. Words fall short to try and explain what our team encountered this past weekend in Oklahoma.  We saw, heard of, and experienced unimaginable destruction, yet every moment was filled with a sense of awe

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Oh My, How Time Flies

The presence of the Lord swarms around the room like a King bee. Cars zip right past my coffee table down I-77 South, as I stare at the beautiful skyline of Charlotte through my window. My Bible is nearby, more raggedy than ever. And here lays myself, with a clean

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Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 12.47.49 AM

We Are The Intercessors

I cross the street to head home from spending the day with my neighbors and I’m confused. I feel worn out and my muscles are sore and my skin is slightly sunburnt but I’m so happy. I don’t feel like that was work. I don’t feel like hours of playing

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Woman Up!

This is getting ridiculous. It’s time for a reality check, ladies. I see dozens upon dozens of quotes about how guys need to man up. And how there needs to be more God- fearing men. Or how all boys are just perverts these days. I will agree with most of

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The Grand Adventure

Life is a grand adventure. I want them to know that. I tell kids that they can be anything that they want to be. I try to inspire them to dream big. I give them options. I show them colleges and tell them they can be doctors and lawyers. I

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