Charlotte Skyline

In The Beginning…

week one: DONE. one week has come and gone. flown by and dragged on like I could’ve never imagined. I have already learned so much about my city and the beautiful people that live in it, but most importantly, I have already seen God working in not only my life,

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Urban Life Fall '14 Retreat Weekend, Bryson City, NC

Round Two

And here I am again. It is a little crazy to think that last year at this time I had just moved to Charlotte. Everything new and different, unsure of what my next 11 months would look like and I feel like I’ve said it so much but I would

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a Year in Review

How do you sum up eleven months? How do you put into words such a wonderful experience of ups and downs, of learning and being challenged? First of all I never would have guessed that I would be living in Charlotte, North Carolina, never. Not that there is anything wrong

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Show Up

At the beginning of the year we prayed over the field across from the Urban Life apartments and the neighbors and neighborhood that we live and serve in. We asked God to use us as security, comfort, and love to every person that we would come in contact with. Through the year

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wet & wild!

Ill never forget our very first neighborhood block party. It was around this time last year. Garrett and I had just committed to moving to the Summit and lead the next year of Urban Life interns. We were invited and thought it would be a great snap shot into our

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Love Does

Whatever It Takes…Love Does

I’ve always wondered what life would look like if every Christian in the world would let go of their inhibitions and just do what they believed God was calling them to do. Even if they chose the wrong thing, what would happen to the world if Christians just DID with

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I am a Princess

This Saturday we threw an “I am a Princess Party” for the lovely young girls in our neighbourhood. Brought to us by wonderful Esther’s Heart Transformation Ministry. We were able to provide our girls with an afternoon they would never forget. Girls from five to twelve, some with their older

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Steam Saga

This month I got the opportunity to work steam camp at Bruns academy, the elementary/middle school in our neighborhood. I was going to teach 17 third graders. Just to set the stage of where I was working, I’m going to give you a little background info. Bruns is a rough

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saying you’re sorry

Saying you’re sorry, definitely not a new idea. Tried and true but, how easily we forget it. Something as simple as apologizing can affect us so much but yet, at least in my case, we choose to suffer through it and hope it goes away. I don’t know what it

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Tutoring and Testing

Today was a great time of testing and teaching for Urban Life. During tutoring, we split the kids in very small groups so that there will be a more one-on-one atmosphere in the program. Today, however, it didn’t seem to matter one way or the other, because every group seemed

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