The Little Things

Today my heart is full… Full of joy, full of love, full of thankfulness.   The other morning I took a trip to the local Walmart to get some groceries but God wanted me there for a different reason. I went through the food isles getting all the goods I

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No LiMiTs

God is so funny sometimes. I have been wondering lately about God’s supernatural presence in everyday life, because of the book we are reading, called “The Supernatural Ways of Royalty.” One of the chapters’ talks about the power of God being as present in modern day life and society as

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O N E down

After what seemed like months of planning and preparation we finally came to the big day – the Fall Festival! The first block party of Urban Life 2013/2014 completed. It feels good. And what an awesome time we had, getting to know our neighbours and hanging out with friends, family

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Dare to be Extraordinary

This week has been an amazing week of revelation. God has been showing me some things he has for my future and helping me feel the weight and responsibility of carrying his calling. Through multiple conversations and interactions with others God has shown me that I am a leader but

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  I have been learning a lot recently about the love God has for me. It is impossible for me to put into words the perfection of Gods love. God shows his love in so many ways but one thing that I have noticed in my own personal life is

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Community, Real Talk

When I thought about the idea of living in community a lot of things popped into my head. Simple things like “how are we going to share our space, are we going to like each other, etc. I’ve come to realize, over the last few weeks, that thinking about such

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The Future

The future is a funny thing. It is not definite, it is not solid, and it is not known to me. That is a scary thought. I like to be prepared, and without knowing the future, I cannot know what to prepare for. Just the other day I was having

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Be A C C O U N T A B L E

Fasting is an interesting thing. For everyone it’s different. What they fast, the reasons they are fasting, for how long, to what purpose and how it affects you in the end. Different. Well I am coming to the end of a fast, a very long fast. For almost a year

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And that’s why we are here.

One of the many things I love about Urban Life this far is the opportunity to meet and learn from various leaders in our community. Monday night we had the honor and opportunity to hear from Christian and Stephanie Friend. From the moment they began to speak I knew that

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To be C H A L L E N G E D.

Here’s the thing: role playing is definitely not one of my favorite things. It’s one of those words that make you cringe as your professor reads out the tasks for today’s lecture. Not enjoyable in my opinion. So, when I looked at the schedule and saw, “‘A Walk in My

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