The First Block Party

Two weeks ago, Urban Life had it’s first event.  In order to introduce ourselves to the neighborhood, we decided to throw a block party!  We did this as part of a 24 hour service event for Elevation Church’s “dream team” (a group of 16-20 year-olds, who will be going to

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June 14, 2012 – Life as an Urbanite

Life as an Urbanite gives everyone involved really cool opportunities. For the past month, I have been working with an initiative in West Charlotte called Project 658 (find out more at  It is a program run by God-fearing individuals, who have a heart for refugees living in Charlotte. Currently,

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Intro to Urban Life

Urban Life is a program designed to transform West Charlotte.  We will do this by not only volunteering in the area, but also by living in the community. It is our goal to provide transition homes for the homeless, and help create a sense of community in an area of

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